Charville Primary School - School Council

School Council
The school council is made up of children and staff from across the school. One child from each class is selected by their class and sit on the council for a year.

Each class from Reception to Year 6 have a representative on the council and they meet each month with our Learning Mentors.

During the meetings they have a clear agenda about school issues and the minutes are then issued to all members of staff who are invited to respond to their ideas and comments.


Members of the School Council elect the executive committee.

The executive committee has four main jobs which are usually called ‘offices’.  The people who carry out these jobs are usually called ‘officers’.

The Chairperson
  • Runs meetings and leads discussions
  • Helps to prepare the agenda
  • Talks to teachers and governors about what the school council thinks and its ideas for new activities
  • Makes sure all council members are actively involved
The Secretary
  • Takes notes (minutes) at meetings
  • Helps to prepare the agenda
  • Makes sure everyone knows when the meetings are
  • Keep all notes safely in the Minutes Book
The Vice Chairperson
  • Keeps in touch with all the class representatives
  • Makes sure that everyone who agrees to do something actually does it
  • Leads meetings if the chairperson is away
The Treasurer
  •  Looks after the School Council’s money
  • Writes reports on how much money has been spent, what it has been spent on and how much is left
 How to be a smart School Councillor