Charville Primary School - E-Safety

ICT and online resources are increasingly used across the curriculum. It is essential for eSafety guidance to be given to the pupils on a regular and meaningful basis.

E-Safety is embedded within our curriculum and staff continually look for new opportunities to promote e-Safety.

The school has a framework for teaching internet skills in Computing/SMSC lessons.

The school provides opportunities within a range of curriculum areas to teach about eSafety, including Staying Safe week.

Educating pupils about the online risks that they may encounter outside school is done informally when opportunities arise and as part of the e-Safety curriculum.

Pupils are aware of the impact of Cyberbullying and know how to seek help if they are affected by any form of online bullying. Pupils are also aware of where to seek advice or help if they experience problems when using the internet and related technologies; i.e. parent/carer, teacher/ or trusted staff member.

All staff are encouraged to incorporate e-Safety activities and awareness within their curriculum areas managing the School Safety Messages.

Staff aim to embed e-Safety messages across the curriculum whenever the internet and/or related technologies are used.

 E-Safety Policy