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Here you will find information about our School Meals......

Here at Charville, we know how important it is for our children to be nourished ready to learn. Therefore we provide a nutritious lunchtime meal.

 Lunch Menu Details
 Lunch Menu - Remainder of the Spring Term 
 Lunch Menu - Summer Term (Revised)
 Lunch Menu - Autumn Term 2017


A hot lunch is available everyday here at Charville. We use ingredients sourced from responsible local suppliers and we prepare all our food on site. We don’t use processed ready meals or food bought in from other kitchens.

From September 2014, Universal Free School Meals will be offered to all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes.

A meal costs £2.30 per day (For KS2 pupils) for a nutritious school dinner.  We have a meat, vegetarian and jacket potato/bread roll option available daily. We have expanded our services to be able to provide Halal meals on specific days (please refer to this terms menu).  All our meals are served alongside a salad bar and desserts.

From September 2015 we will be using Parent Pay to collect money in school. It is required that all school meals are paid for in advance. All parents have been sent a letter requiring them to register for Parent Pay. If you have any questions please contact the finance team.

To register please click on the Parent Pay logo below.

Accounts for lunches that are in arrears mean the school has to subsidise meals from the money allocated for learning and teaching and we will pursue the debt. It also means we struggle to pay our overheads in time. We will notify parents when accounts are in arrears by text message and letter asking for payment. However, this should not be taken as method of ‘reminding’ you to pay. It is only used when accounts get into a position where we need some urgent action. We do ask you to respect our need for prompt and regular payments.

If you are entitled to Free School Meals please click on the link:

More information about lunches can be obtained from the School Office.