Charville Primary School - Introduction

At Charville we define LEARNING as:

A unique and personal process through which we acquire skills, create knowledge and deepen understanding to enable successful lifelong achievements.

Our curriculum has been designed to promote and sustain a thirst for knowledge and understanding and a love of learning. We cover a wide range of subjects and provide opportunities for academic, creative and sporting excellence. Emphasis is placed on acquiring, developing and applying core skills in reading, writing, communication and mathematics. In particular our priority is to raise standards in writing.

Broad and balanced
The breath of our curriculum helps prepare children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life in modern Britain. Our excellence is reflected by quality marks gained by the school, which subject leaders use to guide improvement work and evaluate the impact of their actions.

Learning and Teaching is Underpinned by our Overarching Aims

Values Based Education Communication
Values are principles that drive behaviour for learning. They influence our actions and attitudes, and become our framework for lifelong learning. They influence our relationship with ourselves and others.

The wide range of positive human values encouraged in our school will include patience, respect, fairness, tolerance, resilience, perseverance, compassion and collaboration.   
Children have the opportunity to communicate their learning through speaking and listening, writing, and by using computing skills. Pupil and parent voice (for example through School and Parent Council) is encouraged so that the curriculum reflects through a range of real life purposeful activities.
My Place in the World Creativity
Pupils develop a good knowledge of the local community, national context and wider world which ensures that the curriculum is relevant, therefore supporting all pupils to make good or better progress. They are good citizens and aware of their responsibility to care for the environment.  Links to others schools broaden pupils understanding.  They are aware of world events and developing general knowledge.       Pupils are encouraged to express their learning imaginatively and are given opportunities to be challenged and independent. Individuality and self-expression are promoted whilst developing pupils’ resilience to more challenging tasks. Learning is fun, engaging and actively promotes pupils’ exploration of knowledge and skills.