Charville Primary School - Parent Feedback

Week Beginning You told us .... We did ....
30/11/16 You would like Mr Quinn and Miss Aitken to be available at Parent's Evenings to talk through the curriculum.

Both teachers will be available to talk to parents at our Spring Term Parent's Evening (22/3/17)
18/01/17 You wanted to improve communication between home and school.

After trialling Class Dojo in Year 3 and and asking for feedback in coffee morning we rolled it out to the whole school. The feedback has been very positive and now reminder messages can be sent out through this forum as well.
22/02/17 You wanted to discuss problems around home learning and the expectation.

We invited the Home Learning Team to discuss the changes in the home learning policy and:listen to your feedback on Mathletics and adopted this for the whole of KS2 for Maths home learning.
01/03/17 That you would like input in important decisions.

Bring to the parent forums the uniform and re-branding ideas for your input. We then held a fashion show to explain the changes that were decided upon. We did listen to your feedback on the quality of the uniform supplied by Tesco and have sourced another supplier.