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Windsor Castle Visit

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Windsor Castle. They were so excited when they got there as the royal standard was flying which meant the Queen was at home! We were lucky enough to watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony which involved a band. They played music whilst the guards marched. It was very exciting to watch! We had a tour of St George's Chapel and learned all about the knights of the garter. We looked closely at each of their flags and had a look around the chapel. We had to be very quiet and respectful to other people. Then we visited Queen Mary's dolls house which was really big- we couldn't believe how detailed it was. After lunch we got to see the state apartments and we were amazed at how grand they were. There was lots of golden decorations and the bedrooms were so fancy! We had fun imagining what it would be like to live there! Finally it was time to go home. We were so tired but we had a great day! 

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