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Being an Enhanced Values-based School

We began the journey on a Values-based Education approach many years ago with the aim of improving the lives of the children we work with to then impact on our wider community. The purpose of adopting values-based education is to inspire our young people to adopt positive values in their lives so that they can be the best people that they can be and actively demonstrate the values in their daily lives, thereby helping create a sustainable world.  

The core values of our school are:

  • Respect
  • Caring
  • Determination
  • Honesty
  • Independence
  • Self belief

We also have values for each month of the year, and have extended these to 22 values which are attached below.

Every week we celebrate and acknowledge the children who display the values of the month through the awarding of a certificate. The children can also wear their own clothes the following day and have the opportunity to attend the Head teacher's Tea Party.

Values are now embedded in every aspect of school life. We are proud that within four years we have been awarded the Enhanced Values Based Quality Mark (See report below).


"The development of VbE changed the school culture, which is now one of trust and support. The school has a very stable staff, with teachers choosing to remain."

"The adoption of VbE practices has enabled the school to offer a calm and purposeful environment in which children are both happy and successful, thus enabling the school to improve both pupil attendance and attainment - two major areas of focus following earlier Ofsted inspections."

"The school fully recognises it has very diverse cohorts of pupils with an array of differing needs and has planned and implemented specialist provisions and interventions supporting both academic achievement and emotional well-being. The school places a strong emphasis on offering a range of opportunities for all pupils including, football for girls and sporting activities for those less physically confident. The school uses it’s values to underpin all interactions, ensuring mutual respect and maintaining the focus on the child."