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Children's Welfare

Your child's happiness and well being are the priority of all our staff.

We have a full time Welfare Assistant to care for children during the school day. If the children are unwell they will be cared for in our Medical Room in the short term and, where necessary, parents will be contacted and asked to take their child home.

It is essential that the school has up-to-date telephone numbers where parents or other carers can be contacted at all times, just in case a child is ill or has an accident.

Personal Accident Insurance

In common with most Educational Authorities, Hillingdon does not have personal accident insurance for children in its schools.

If they wish, parents can take out their own insurance for their children.

Medicines in school

In a rare instance that a child might need to take medicine in school, these will only be medicines prescribed by a doctor, clearly labelled with the child's name and brought to the Welfare Assistant in school by a parent. You will need to complete a 'Request to Administer Medicine Form'.

To support your child's wellbeing we hold paracetamol in school which can be administered if required. You will need to complete a 'Request to Administer Paracetamol Form'.

We would be glad of your co-operation with the following when a child has been unwell:

Absent for 48 hours after the symptoms clear. 
Contagious Disease
Absent as stipulated by Primary Care Services.
Visit doctor before returning to school.

Head Lice

Please let us know if your child has had head lice. They will need to be treated with special shampoo (available from the clinic or chemists) before returning to school.