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At Charville Academy we have a broad and balanced, knowledge rich curriculum for which we have identified the key knowledge children need to gain to reach their end points successfully in every subject. The curriculum reflects the needs and diversity of our school community, therefore making learning experiences relevant and inclusive. Our teachers require very deep subject knowledge and are familiar with a range of high quality resources to support themselves as learners and their children as learners. Our teachers deliver learning where our children are excited and happy to come to school, through deep learning that include solving problems and developing curiosity. 

Assessment, Learning and Teaching has the following impact :

• Children becoming fluent and independent readers who develop a love of reading, so they are prepared for the next aspect of life, therefore at every opportunity learning will start through a book or a key piece of text

• Children becoming articulate and effective communicators using subject specific vocabulary

• Children becoming engaged, independent and reflective learners so that they can be proactive problem solvers 

• Children widening their local experiences and cultural opportunities so that they can fulfil their role as upstanding British citizens

• Children develop a broad and ambitious knowledge across all subjects through spaced learning, recalling and retrieving at every opportunity, so it becomes embedded in their long-term memory

• Children being able to express their feelings and emotions appropriately through self-regulation and values so that they are ready to learn

• Children from all backgrounds making good or better progress towards end points, regardless of their starting points.