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What is our curriculum about:

Intent :

To provide the knowledge, skills and cultural capital that our children need in order to be lifelong learners. 

Implementation :

To provide planned opportunities for all children to build upon prior learning through:

• The application of all our values

• Practice and revisiting

• Reading with confidence and for enjoyment 

• Retrieving and recalling 

• Applying and investigating

• Reflecting and revising.

This will be systematically checked and assessed through accurate identification of misconceptions and teacher provide clear and direct feedback which impacts on future learning. 


To ensure all children develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum which are embedded and applied to all aspects of learning. This prepares our children for the next part of their journey as independent lifelong learners. 


It is important that all staff know their role in implementing the curriculum. The curriculum, schemes of work, lessons and work given to pupils are sequenced and planned effectively so that pupils know more, can do more, and remember more. Teachers' pedagogical and subject knowledge is developed through purposeful CPD. All of this aims to ensure there is consistency across all subjects and year groups.