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Design and Technology

Intent for Design and Technology:

At Charville Academy we believe that our Design and Technology curriculum enables our pupils to solve current and relevant problems that exist in the real world. We aim to develop the children’s understanding of how critical the Design and Technology skills are in the wider world and what impacts it can have on daily life. Our curriculum delivers a broad range of subject knowledge which develops their cultural capital and allows them to make links in their learning with other subject areas. As active learners, pupils receive the opportunity to take risks in their learning and have the chance to turn failed attempts into successful ones. Our carefully constructed Design and Technology curriculum contributes to the creativity, culture and wellbeing of each pupil and prepares them to contribute in an ever-changing, ever-growing and rapidly moving world. Through their ability to plan projects and create their own products, they learn the skill of independence, but also, the importance of working interdependently. Our design challenges incorporate the learning of industry work, stimulates the curiosity of the pupils and follows the interest of many too. As the pupils revisit their knowledge and build upon their skills each year, we support them in moving steps forward and further towards achieving their own long-term goals. By developing our pupils as designers, architects, chefs, innovators and engineers, we are unlocking their potential and preparing them for problems and jobs that do not yet exist. Our design projects support the development of lifelong skills for our students, and prepare them to be self-sufficient citizens beyond their school years.