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Foreign Languages (Mandarin)

Meet our specialist Mandarin teacher:

Prior to teaching in England, Ms Song graduated from Harbin Normal University in China and has 13 years teaching experience in China. She obtained the certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Mandarin) in Ming-Ai (London) Institute. With a wealth of experience in educating children and adolescents she enjoys capturing students’ interest in Chinese culture. With a passion to inspire young minds she instils confidence in all her students by making learning fun and interesting. Ms Song is committed to ensure that every student achieves their potential. It is very important to her that students feel safe, happy and successful in all her lessons.

Our Foreign Languages (Mandarin) Intent:

At Charville Academy we believe that our ambitious Foreign Language curriculum enables the students to develop an appreciation of a language. Students have the opportunity to make progress in one language, which also provides them with a variety of skills that they can use to further study languages and develop a love of languages. As active learners, the pupils gain experiences in communicating for practical purposes and learn new ways of thinking, writing and reading literature in addition to speaking. The Foreign Language curriculum fosters the curiosity of pupils, deepening their understanding of other cultures and of the world they live in. As well as acquiring the knowledge and vocabulary of a new language, students are able to develop cognitive skills, mental flexibility, listening and problem-solving skills. There are opportunities within a lesson to practise social interaction between peers, growing their confidence in speaking with fluency and complexity. Whether the language is learnt through song, stories or pictorial representations, students are able to broaden their vocabulary and retrieve from their memories. Their foundation of learning equips the students with the confidence to work abroad whilst discouraging insularity and expanding their cultural capital “If you learn a secondary language, you’re able to see the world through another set of eyes.” Chinese Proverb.