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Letters Home

Please find below any letters sent home that relate to the current academic year.

  1. Download: Phonics Screening Year 1.PDF File

  2. Download: Multiplication Tables Check Nov 2023.PDF File

  3. Download: Year 6 SATs Nov 2023.PDF File

  4. Download: 041223_Nursery Ark Farm Letter 140524.PDF File

  5. Download: Christmas Jumper Day 2023.PDF File

  6. Download: Santa's Grotto Letter 091223.PDF File

  7. Download: Christmas Lunch letter 2023.PDF File

  8. Download: 071123_Y5 Mary Seacole Workshop and Victorian Day 231123.PDF File

  9. Download: Childhood Flu vaccination programme 2023.PDF File

  10. Download: Protecting your child against flu 2023 leaflet.PDF File

  11. Download: 031123 Children in Need 171123.PDF File

  12. Download: Diwali 10 November 2023.PDF File

  13. Download: 201023_Y3 Hobgoblins Theatre Workshop 180124.PDF File

  14. Download: 191023_Mrs Doubtfire Trip - Shaftsbury Theatre Trip 180124.PDF File

  15. Download: Halloween Menu 31 October 2023.PDF File

  16. Download: Individual and sibling photographs.PDF File

  17. Download: Open Day Flyer.PDF File

  18. Download: 191023_Y4 Hamptom Court Palace Trip 241123.PDF File

  19. Download: 181023_Y6 Warner Bros. Tour - The Making of Harry Potter Trip 250624.PDF File

  20. Download: Make Believe Hotel Transylvania half term workshop.PDF File

  21. Download: 181023_Y6 British Museum Trip 281123.PDF File

  22. Download: Diversity Week Menu 16 October.PDF File

  23. Download: PTA Disco for KS2 19th October 2023.PDF File

  24. Download: Charville Community Centre - Halloween party.PDF File

  25. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 1G - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  26. Download: PTA Disco for Reception and KS1 19th October 2023.PDF File

  27. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 2NG - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  28. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 2N - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  29. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 3HU - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  30. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 3HA - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  31. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 4MA - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  32. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 4MO - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  33. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 6C - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  34. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 6B - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  35. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 1L - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  36. Download: Parents Evening Letter - 1G - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  37. Download: Parents Evening Letter - RR - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  38. Download: Parents Evening Letter - Nursery 30 hours - Autumn Term 2023.PDF File

  39. Download: Foodbank- Harvest Festival.PDF File

  40. Download: Parents and Carers Consulatation Evening Oct 2023 - Whole School Letter.PDF File

  41. Download: Yellow Day letter.PDF File

  42. Download: Primary School Admissions booklet.PDF File

  43. Download: Primary School Admissions - how to apply.PDF File

  44. Download: Uniform eEpectations September 2023 1.PDF File

  45. Download: CodeCamp Leaflet.PDF File

  46. Download: Autumn Term Clubs Letter 2023.PDF File


  48. Download: Swimming Pop up pool - September 2023.PDF File

  49. Download: 2023_Information_for_parents_reception_baseline_assessment.PDF File

  50. Download: Reception Baseline Letter September 2023.PDF File

  51. Download: Secondary Transfer School Meeting Letter September 2023.PDF File

  52. Download: 080923_Y3 Verulamium Trip 191023.PDF File

  53. Download: 080923_Y2 Windsor Castle Trip 061023.PDF File

  54. Download: RAAC (Concrete) Sept 2023 1.PDF File

  55. Download: Autumn Instrumental Letter 2023.PDF File

  56. Download: Swimming Club Autumn Term 23.PDF File

  57. Download: Charville Academy Bikeability Parent Bikeability Invitation Letter.PDF File

  58. Download: Nursery closed for home visits Autumn term.PDF File