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Letters Home

Here you will find all of the letters that have been sent home. If any apply to your child please print them out and send them back in. 

  1. Download: Arrangements for the Easter Holidays.PDF File

  2. Download: Educational Psychology Service Telephone Consultation Support 26 March 2020.PDF File

  3. Download: School Place requirement week commencing 30th March.PDF File

  4. Download: FSM Requirement Week Commencing 30th March.PDF File

  5. Download: Covid 19 update 23 March Free School Meals.PDF File

  6. Download: Covid 19 Update 23 March 2020.PDF File

  7. Download: COVID-19 Update - 22nd March 2020.PDF File

  8. Download: Covid 19 Update 20 March 2020.PDF File

  9. Download: COVID 19 Update School Closure.PDF File

  10. Download: COVID-19 Update 19 March 2020.PDF File

  11. Download: COVID 19 Update 18 March 2020.PDF File

  12. Download: Mary Poppins COVID-19.PDF File

  13. Download: Year 5 Science Museum COVID-19.PDF File

  14. Download: COVID 19 Update 17 March 2020.PDF File

  15. Download: School Meal Arrangements for Monday 16th March 2020.PDF File

  16. Download: COVID19 Update 13 March 2020.PDF File

  17. Download: Year 1 London ZooTrip.PDF File

  18. Download: PTA Discos and KS1 Movie Night March 2020.PDF File

  19. Download: Disney on Ice Trip.PDF File

  20. Download: Coronavirus Information Letter 12 March 2020.PDF File

  21. Download: Year 4 Greek Museum Day.PDF File

  22. Download: Coronavirus Feb 2020.PDF File

  23. Download: Change To Opening Time To Main School Gates At The Start Of The School Day.PDF File

  24. Download: Reading in Nursery.PDF File

  25. Download: Science Week 2020.PDF File

  26. Download: Year 2 - SATS Revision Books.PDF File

  27. Download: KS2 West End trip - Mary Poppins.PDF File

  28. Download: Questionnaire for Reception Parents - Your childs health.PDF File

  29. Download: Snow letter.PDF File

  30. Download: Clubs Spring 2020.PDF File

  31. Download: Instrumental Letter Form Spring 2020.PDF File

  32. Download: Breakfast CAST club registration 2019.PDF File

  33. Download: School Funding Issues.PDF File

  34. Download: Y5 Deposit PGL 2020.PDF File

  35. Download: Information for parents and carers - 2019 national curriculum tests at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2.PDF File


  37. Download: Reception Letter re Dismissal At The End Of The Day.PDF File

  38. Download: FSM Guidance for parents Autumn Term 2018.PDF File