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Our Aims

Our aim is to '"Inspire a love of lifelong learning'"

Charville Academy aims to produce independent learners who are able to recall learning across their time in school. We encourage our children to be creative and imaginative and develop a love of lifelong learning. 

At Charville Academy we create an atmosphere where high standards are set in all areas of school life. We establish a firm foundation of values, skills and understanding which will give our pupils the basis to succeed at secondary school and into their adult lives.

We aim to provide a rich, stimulating experience for all our children, enabling them to develop academically, spiritually and socially. Everyone is encouraged to take an active role in the life of the school and follow our values-based approach to education. It is important that each teacher knows what knowledge has been embedded into the long-term memory, what skills have been mastered, and what concepts have been fully understood. This enables teachers to reflect on what children are doing and informs future planning. Therefore, learning and teaching is centred around:

  • Children becoming fluent and independent readers who develop a love of reading so they are prepared for the next aspect of life
  • Children becoming independent and reflective learners so that they can be proactive problem solvers
  • Children widening their local experiences and cultural opportunities so that they can fulfil their role as upstanding British citizens
  • Children develop, deepen and master skills and knowledge across all subjects through recalling and retrieving so it becomes embedded in their long-term memory
  • Children being able to express their feelings and emotions appropriately through self-regulation and values so that they are ready to learn
  •  Children from all backgrounds making good or better progress regardless of their starting points.

School Development Plan

Our School Development Plan is attached below.