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POST COVID-19 Curriculum

PSHE / Wellbeing

As part of our Covid-19 Recovery Curriculum here at Charville, we are focussing on the importance of the wellbeing of children in the classroom. In order to support our children in their return to school, we are ensuring that they are fully equipped with the skills and coping mechanisms that they can use when they are faced with challenging situations. Teachers will be ensuring that children have built positive relationships with staff members and their peers in school as well as engaging in a range of breathing exercises and discussions around emotions. 


As part of our Maths curriculum this first term, there is an emphasis on filling any gaps  due to missing school but also to embed some key concepts that we believe are fundamental for the children to make rapid progress this year. It is essential that these core concepts are fully grasped in order to fully enable children to understand complex concepts later on in the year. In order to facilitate this, teachers have timetable two additional sessions of maths a week to focus on these core areas.  Each year group has been given three or four core areas to master this half-term. Though they differ in each year group, they focus on the fundamentals around number and fractions. It is vital to us at the school that all the children are able to settle back into the school as seamlessly as possible. To this end, we believe these areas of study will help consolidate previous learning and help the children access the maths curriculum fully.

At Charville, we are addressing the children’s gaps in their English knowledge in various ways. Writing lessons are based around a high quality key text which aims to promote challenge in the classroom with the children’s reading whilst also encouraging an excitement in learning. The Writing curriculum in each year group is based around a set of key writing skills which the children learn. Teachers understand the key skills the children will need to revisit from the previous year group’s Writing curriculum and are focussing on these during their English lessons. The children’s Autumn 1 writing genre will focus on the key skills from their previous year group to ensure these are embedded before their current year groups writing skills can be taught. In regard to Grammar and Spelling, all year groups across the school continue to teach from the Jolly Phonics and Grammar scheme of work which naturally addresses children’s prior learning in its delivery. Year groups are also undertaking revision sessions in grammar and spelling where necessary based on the children’s previous year groups scheme of work. 

Given that a large number of our KS2 children are free readers, we are trialling a new library system in the school whereby they choose which library book from an allocated recommended reads list based on their age range which is then issued to them by our librarian. This ensures free reader children are issued with a book which captures their interest and challenges the reading ability for their age. 

To support your child at home, we recommend using the following websites which can aid their learning and understanding of the English curriculum:

Grammar websites

Reading websites