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Performing Arts

Growing expressive, creative and confident people and your child a place to shine!

"All the world's a stage" - William Shakespeare

Whether it be in the classroom, in front of their peers, at the Christmas Concerts in front of parents and family, or even at professional venues such as The Beck Theatre and Wembley Arena, Charville students experience meaningful performance experiences throughout their time at primary school. 

This year, we introduced singing assemblies for Reception through to Year 3 and all the children start their Fridays with a mass sing. Some say it is their favourite part of the week.

Every year group performs a Christmas Concert and the Year 6 children perform a Musical in the Summer as their end of year project. It is a wonderful way to increase their team building skills and of course, their confidence. 

Each year, Charville Performing Arts students will perform regularly, in addition to performing in school concerts. The acting project involves a play as part of the Shakespeare Schools Foundation at the Beck Theatre and a performance piece as part of Yeading Cluster's annual "We Can Make A Change" event at Beck Theatre. The Choir perform at the Community Centre and at Wembley Arena as part of the Young Voices concert.

Further to this we have Guitar, Drum, Piano and Singing lessons that can be taken during the school day. It is a wonderful skill for children to learn and it aids in their cognitive development in numerous ways. Singing and playing instruments engage the entire brain and it has scientifically proven to train the brain to be more effective in all areas of learning. 

We also offer after school clubs in Performing Arts for both KS1 and KS2 and a Film Making club for KS2.

For any queries about the Performing Arts program, please contact the school office. 

Our children say...

"I couldn't believe how proud of myself I felt after I performed at the Beck Theatre!" Bleta

"I was so nervous, but then I did it!" - Pyper

"I had so much fun performing at Wembley Arena, I couldn't believe all the lights!" - Oscar