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Please feel free to read and become familiar with some of our school policies and procedures. If you have any questions about a policy or require a copy, please contact the school. 

  1. Download: Accessibility Policy and Plan - April 2020.PDF File

  2. Download: Anaphylaxis Policy 2020.PDF File

  3. Download: Anti-Bullying Policy 2020.PDF File

  4. Download: Assessment, Learning and Teaching Policy.PDF File

  5. Download: Asthma Policy 2019.PDF File

  6. Download: Attendance Policy April 2020.PDF File

  7. Download: Behaviour for Learning Policy 2019.PDF File

  8. Download: Calculations document Charville Academy.PDF File

  9. Download: CCTV Policy 2019.PDF File

  10. Download: Charging Policy - Finance - March 2019.PDF File

  11. Download: Child Protection Policy Autumn 2020.PDF File

  12. Download: Complaints Procedure.PDF File

  13. Download: Data protection Policy 2019.PDF File

  14. Download: Designated Teacher for LAC and Post LAC Policy April 2020.PDF File

  15. Download: Exclusion Guidance - DfE.PDF File

  16. Download: First Aid Policy - May 2020.PDF File

  17. Download: Governor and Volunteer Privacy Statement 2019.PDF File

  18. Download: Health & Safety Policy 2019.PDF File

  19. Download: Home School Communication Policy.PDF File

  20. Download: ICT & Digital Safety Policy 2019.PDF File

  21. Download: Medical Needs policy 2018.PDF File

  22. Download: Parent Carer Code of Conduct Policy.PDF File

  23. Download: Privacy Statement for Pupils and Parents Carers.PDF File

  24. Download: Pupil Premium Policy - May 2020.PDF File

  25. Download: Safeguarding Policy 2020 - 2021 inc Covid 19.PDF File

  26. Download: SEND Information Report - October 2019.PDF File

  27. Download: SEND policy 2018.PDF File

  28. Download: Single Equality Scheme 2018.PDF File

  29. Download: Social Media 2019.PDF File

  30. Download: Whistle Blowing Policy 2019.PDF File