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SCERTS for Learning

Charville Academy is working alongside The London Borough of Hillingdon and other primary and secondary schools to trial The SCERTS Model. The SCERTS model focuses on building competence in Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports. The SCERTS model is a research-based educational approach that directly addressed challenges faced by children and young people with ASD and related disabilities but can be beneficial for a range of children. The SCERTS model provides specific guidelines for helping a child to become a competent and confident social communicator, while preventing problem behaviours that interfere with learning and the development of relationships. 

The acronym SCERTS refers to the focus on:

SC’ – Social Communication - the development of spontaneous, functional communication, emotional expression and secure trusting relationships with children and adults;

ER’ – Emotional Regulation – the development of the ability to maintain a well-regulated emotional state to cope with everyday stress and to be most available for learning and interacting;

TS’ – Transactional Supports – the development and implementation of supports to help partners respond to the child’s needs and interests, modify and adapt the environment and provide tools to enhance learning.